Signos de Primavera

•Bearclaw European spruce •Satinwood •Macassar Ebony binding •Magnetic Wenge Armrest •Macassar Ebony Fingerboard with a 20' radius •640mm scale


•Bearclaw European spruce •Birdseye maple •Ebony binding •Marquetry package •Gilbert tuners

Aliento Del Oso

•Bearclaw Swiss spruce •Quartered old growth Brazilian •Marquetry package •Rodgers tuners

Rayo de Luz

•Swiss Spruce •Birdseye Maple •Marquetry package •Rubner tuners

La Camelia

•Swiss Bearclaw Spruce •Birdseye Maple •Marquetry package •Roders tuners

La Bellesa Negre

•European Spruce •African Blackwood •Curly Koa binding •Marquetry package

Sol Y Luna

•Bearclaw European Spruce •Quartered fine grained Madagascar •Recessed Panel Head •Marquetry Package •Scheller Tuners

Luz Blanca

•Bearclaw European Spruce •European "shell" Maple •Armrest •Marquetry Package •Rubner Tuners

Las Olas Altas

•European Spruce •Birdseye Maple •Torres style appointments •Meander backstrip and head •Sloane Tuners


•Bearclaw European Spruce •Birdseye Maple •Torres Meander Backstrip •Marquetry Package •Rodgers Tuners


•Bearclaw European Spruce •Madagascar Rosewood

El Apra Del Guerrero

•European Spruce •Madagascar Rosewood •Torres Inspired Marquetry •Rubner Tuners