Options and Upgrades

Explore the sonic and visual capacities of your personal instrument with an exciting variety of choices.

Tonewood Options


European Spruce - $100

Bearclaw Euro. Spruce - $150

Redwood- $100

Backs and Sides

European Maple (price fluctuates)- $100

Brazilian Rosewood - $1000

Many other exotic choices available ask 🙂

Construction Elements

Tonal Variations

Lattice bracing (on Romanillos)- $100

Laminated sides- $150

Arched Braceless carbon fiber core back- $200

V-jointed head- $150

Oval Soundport with binding-$250

Wood Armrest-$250

Magnetic Wood Armrest-$300

Aesthetic Appointments

Marquetry Purfling around top- $150

Marquetry Purfling around back- $150

Marquetry Purfling around sides- $300

Marquetry backstrip- $150

Marquetry headstock- $100

Marquetry end graft- $100

Recessed panel headstock- $250

Marquetry package (Save $150) $500

Marquetry purfling around top, back, with matching marquetry backstrip, end graft, and headstock.

Deluxe Marquetry package (Save $300) $800

Marquetry purfling around top, back, and sides with recessed panel headstock, marquetry backstrip and end graft.